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Error Found
An error was found in the NAML code of this application – View Details | Go to NAML Editor
tag 'mailing_list_etiquette' is not an allowed here, only these are allowed: [bottom, page_name, focus]
  in new_post(custom_tweak:reply:2) - <n.new_post>
  in (custom_tweak:reply:1) - <override_macro name="reply" requires="servlet">



Binary Details

public void nabble.view.web.template.HtmlNamespace.page_base_classes(nabble.naml.compiler.IPrintWriter,nabble.naml.compiler.Interpreter)

Other Binary Commands in html

captcha_div   html_body_content   html_head_content   page_base_classes   page_template   page_template_command_id   put_in_head   style