Gmsh 4.3.0 not supported

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Gmsh 4.3.0 not supported

I have been trying to load a geometry and generate the corresponding mesh. The geometry can be successfully imported as an STL, however when I click on the GRID menu and try to generate a grid, the function fails. The error message is:

"Grid generation error.
Error using <a href="matlab:matlab.internal.language.introspective.errorDocCallback('featool')" style="font-weight:bold">featool
Gmsh version 
4.3.0 not supported.
FEATool compatibility recommends Gmsh version 4.3.0."

This process worked last week before I downloaded a new version of FEATool. I also downloaded the newest version of Gmsh and have it installed in the same directory as Matlab.
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Re: Gmsh 4.3.0 not supported

Precise Simulation
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Jonathan.P wrote
Gmsh version  4.3.0 not supported.
I'm not quite sure about this, if that is exactly the error message it might be that your specific system configuration is generating additional "non-ascii" (unicode?) output that always will make the version check fail.

Please check your configuration by selecting "System Info..." from the "Help" menu and see if it recognizes that Gmsh 4.3.0 is installed (it is **not** recommended to use arbitrary/newest versions of Gmsh as the Gmsh API frequently changes leading to incompatibilities).

I would perhaps also recommend to completely clear and reinstall FEATool as it seems you have something not working as it should. To completely clear the installation follow the steps below:

1) Start the FEATool GUI and select "System Info..." from the "Help" menu.

2) Note and write down/copy the "App Path" and "User Path" entries.

3) Close FEATool and Matlab.

4) Delete all "FEATool" related folders from the "App Path" directory as noted above (as sometimes Matlab installs multiple copies of toolboxes), for example:


5) Delete everything expect the "license.dat" file (if present) from the "User Path" directory as noted above, for example:


6) Download/make sure you have the latest version of FEATool and re-install.