GMSH Compatability Issues with Recent Installation

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GMSH Compatability Issues with Recent Installation

I just started using FEATool and installed it into MATLAB 2020b for Mac OS 10.15.7. I was unable to use the GUI gmsh grid generation nor the gmsh grid import initially. I seem to have resolved this issue after much troubleshooting so I wanted to post what how I was able to restore the functionality of these features.

I had gmsh previously installed on my computer but FEATools was not using that installation. Instead, the installation created a hidden .featools directory in my MATLAB directory. (Hidden files can be revealed in Mac OS with a CMND + SHIFT + . keystroke.) Inside this directory, when gmsh is attempted to be used a gmsh_mac executable file is created. Launching this executable from Finder brought up a separate gmsh application from the one I had installed prior to FEATools. Notably this was the latest version of gmsh 4.7 which is may not be compatible with FEATools according to documentation.

While this new gmsh application was open I changed the settings via Help -> Current Options and Workspace and within the variable list setting Mesh.SaveAll to 1 and Mesh.MshFileVersion = 2.2. (I also saved the options as default from the file menu.) This enabled me to run the built in gmsh grid generation and the latter made me realize that when exporting gmsh meshes that not only doesVersion 2 ASCII need to be selected but also selection "Save All Elements" but NOT "Save parametric coordinates" seems to be required for importation.

I hope this helps anyone else that might be running into the same issue.