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Selection of Objects and/or faces

The "Geometry Objects" list is essential in being able to locate and select the desired objects (and now faces).  However, I also liked being able to select using mouse-over-and-left-click that appeared with v1.13 beta2.1 (and disappeared with beta3 :-)   A selected object remains selected as others are selected.  Clicking on an already-selected item de-selects that item.  Being able to select Objects and faces in this manner is quite convenient when possible (when the items are not hidden by objects that display "over" or "on top of" them).

The only thing I was going to comment on (in beta2.1) was that when these selections were made using the mouse, the corresponding item in the "Geometry Objects" list was not selected.  This was confusing.

One problem I anticipate is how to distinguish between selection of object vs. face. Perhaps let "click" designate face and Crtl+Click designate object.  Then it might work as follows:
- A click on an un-selected face selects the face (adds to set of selected items)
- A click on a selected face de-selects the face (but leaves undisturbed any existing object selection)
- A ctrl+click on an un-selected object selects the object (adds to set of selected items)
- A ctrl+click on a selected object de-selects the object (but leaves undisturbed any selected faces)

But (unless that same method were extended to the method of selection within the "Geometry Objects" list, then the use of "Ctrl" to distinguish between face and object might be confused with the use of ctrl when making multiple selections (adding to items already selected)...but I think it might be workable because in the "Geometry Objects" list it is clear that you are selecting either the Object or one of its faces, so using the Ctrl+click to add (or subtract if clicking on an already selected item) in the usual way would make sense.

An additional benefit would be that the [Ctrl+]click could be used to idenfity the object or face tag of an area of the model where it is hard to distinguish objects and/or faces.

Just an idea.  

Kind regards,