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Selection File --> New Model Fails

This is a VERY interesting issue (beta2).  When FEATool is first started and the selection is made to start a new model (File --> New Model) and 3D, Conductive Media DC is selected, when the "OK" button is clicked an error is displayed:

What is MORE interesting is that, if, after the Error is dismissed and the "New Model" dialog is canceled and File-->New Model is again selected with the same 3D, Conductive Media DC settings, clicking "OK" does NOT raise an error and the dialog disappears as usual. And I have assumed that a new model was properly created since I have been able to continue with normal operations.

MOST interesting though :-) is that if it is tried a third time, it fails... a fourth it succeeds ... a 5th fails, 6th succeeds, etc...

I hope this one is as easy to fix as it was to find :-)!

Kind regards,