OpenFoam installation error

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OpenFoam installation error

Hello experts,
I'm a newbie trying FEATool for the first time and I'm having trouble calling the solver.
When I was trying this case have a problem trying to call openfoam to solve as follows.

OpenFoam Error:
Could not find any OpenFOAM installations.
Plesse install the precompiled Native- windows/mingw OpenFOAM distribution
https://deve1op. openfoam. com/Deve1opment/openfoam/-/wikis/precomp1ed/windows to the default installation location, for example C: \Users \%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\ESI-0penCFD\OpenF0AM\v2112

Actually,I am using a win10 desktop computer, I downloaded FEATool as a separate software on the Windows system.I tried downloading the native-Windows version of OpenFoam( However, I have encountered the above problems and have not been able to solve them.

The following is my installation path:
FEATool download path:D:\Program Files\Precise Simulation\FEATool_Multiphysics
Matlab runtime download path:D:\Program Files
Openfoam download path:C:\Users\DZKD\AppData\Roaming\ESI-OpenCFD\OpenFOAM\v2212

I will be very grateful if you can solve my doubts´╝îthanks.
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Re: OpenFoam installation error

Precise Simulation
Could you also please share your Configuration (Select "System Info..." from the "Help" menu)?