Latest MUMPS (ver 5.3.3) Users' Guide

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Latest MUMPS (ver 5.3.3) Users' Guide

For those using the MUltifrontal Massively Parallel Solver (MUMPS), the users' guide for version 5.3.3 (June 15, 2020) can be found at:

While FEATool may use an earlier version, the latest manual is still useful for decoding Warning/Error messages returned to FEATool.  The "Error diagnostics" chapter (8) begins on page 91.  

Here is a message returned on one of my problems:
Warning: MUMPS linear solver failed with error INFO(1:2) = -10:63787]
From page 92 :
--10 Numerically singular matrix. INFO(2) holds the number of eliminated pivots.

In this case a numerically singular matrix was encountered and the number of eliminated pivots was 63787.