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FSI: Boundary condition setting

I am a beginner to use FEATool. I am using FEATool to simulate a solid sphere moving in the stream. I selected Fluid-Structure Interaction as the physics mode. I followed the example in tutorial – “Fluid-Structure Interaction - Elastic Beam”. It works well with the step-by-step instructions.

In my simulation, the first subdomain is a sphere - the solid part and the second subdomain is the flow domain - the fluid part. The boundary conditions of fluid domain are set as the inlet velocity, neutral outflow, and wall no-slip. The boundary conditions of solid sphere, that is interior boundaries, are all set as Fluid-Structure interface. Then I call the “FSI Solver”. An error message pops up that is “No boundary conditions are imposed on component 1”. But I have set all the boundary conditions according to the simulation requirements, did I set them wrong?

I was stuck with this problem for several days. The difference between my simulation and the example (Elastic Beam) in tutorial is that my solid sphere does not contact with the outer boundary and thus doesn’t have the boundary condition of zero displacement (Prescribed displacement). I found that it seems to be successfully call the FSI solver in the case of the boundary condition of zero displacement. However, I want the solid sphere to move in the flow field in my simulation .

I have no idea how to solve this problem. Sincerely request any advice and suggestions. Thank you very much.