Embedded 3D subdomains not highlighted when selected

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Embedded 3D subdomains not highlighted when selected

Precise Simulation
randress wrote
The second problem is more subtle.  The problem in this file illustrates it:


The model consists of concentric spheres 1mm and 100m enclosed by a 1x1x1m box. In the Equation Settings window, selecting #3 displays the box clearly by highlighting it on the plot, but selecting #1 or #2 (the spheres) produces no identifiable indication. I realize that the huge difference in sizes fo the spheres (100:1) would make the smaller sphere nearly impossible to view while the larger one was entirely visible (supposedly zooming in would reveal it when selected*), but even the larger sphere fails to highlight when selected.

*Zooming does not seem to help (on this example). As I zoom in, I start loosing parts of the objects.  I have tried using the Axis/Grid Settings window to solve this issue but to no avail.  What I am trying to do is to zoom in to see the smaller sphere.

Sometimes it seems that the Matlab rendering algorithm is suboptimal, this could be an issue transparency and occlusion with the OpenGL graphics rendering, a combination or graphics hardware and drivers, and/or Matlab itself. You can see if you have this issue with the following example which highlights a cube within a cube in 3D:

  grid = hex2tet( blockgrid(5) );
  grid.s( selcells( grid, '(x>=0.6).*(x<=0.8).*(y>=0.6).*(y<=0.8).*(z>=0.6).*(z<=0.8)' ) ) = 2;
  grid = gridbdrx( grid );
  h = plotsubd( grid, 'parent', figure() );
  hp = unique(findall(h,'type','patch'));
  set( hp, 'Facecolor', [.9 .9 .9] )
  set( hp(strcmp(get(hp,'Tag'),'fea_patch_d2')), 'Facecolor', [1 .7 .7] )
  rotate3d on
  % set(gcf,'renderer','painters')

If the issue is present the inner cube shows red or not depending on how the total arrangement is rotated around. You can try to switch to the painters renderer instead of opengl and see if it helps


Ultimately, your inner small "spot" will be hard to clearly highlight not matter what one does without zooming in.

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Re: Embedded 3D subdomains not highlighted when selected

Thanks for the explanation and suggestion regarding changing the renderer.

I was able to observe the small square coming in and out of view as I rotated it. Knowing this may help with any future issue.

Changing the renderer did not seem to make a difference with my system (laptop :-), I continue to wonder if I need to get a bigger "horse" for this work.

BTW, I just discovered the "Camera pan and zoom" option in the context menu (Windows right click). This too will help when looking for something that is not showing up.  Disregard my mention of "Zoom" issues.

Kind regards,