CFDTool v1.4 Released

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Posted by Precise Simulation Precise Simulation
CFDTool version 1.4 has now been released.

CFDTool is based on the FEATool Multiphysics code base, and has been redesigned to feature a simplified GUI interface to easily get started with 1D/2D fluid dynamics simulations (with coupled heat transfer) without having to learn PDE equations.

CFDTool is aimed at beginners when learning CFD simulations, while FEATool Multiphysics offers more features for advanced and power users who want to customize their simulations in some way (for example with scripting and modifying equations). When moving from CFDTool to FEATool, models can be seamlessly loaded into FEATool and extended with more multiphysics functionality.

Please visit the CFDTool webpage for more information and to download and try the toolbox.